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Cut to Bloom from Write Bloody Publishing

Journals & Anthologies

Apogee: “They Say It’s Better to Have Loved and Lost Than to Never Have Loved at All”

Barrow Street: “Circle Talk”

Blackbird: “Ars Poetica,” “Break Up Poem,” “For Who Spring Is No Laughing Matter,” “It Is 6 p.m. on the 2 Train Downtown,” “When You Put on Your Binder Smelling Like Lavender”

Daring to Repair Anthology: “Memory,” (renamed “Ever the Pests”) “The Road’s Edge,” (renamed “When I Visit My Father for the Last Time: Part I”) “Whatever It Is We Have Faith In”

Foglifter: “Until I’m Ready,” “What the Body Knows”

F(r)iction: “Memory Is a Gentle Blessing”

Lantern Review: “At What Cost” (first print)

Little Patuxent Review: “Rummage” Winner of the 2021 Ellen Conroy Kennedy Poetry Prize

Massachusetts Review: “13th Anniversary”

Otoliths: “The Painting” (renamed: “The Only Thing Left”)

Pleiades Magazine: “The Family Business: Iris Cleaners”

Queer Anthology of Literatures: “At What Cost”

Scholars & Rogues Literary Journal: “Built for Silence,” “It Starts by Giving Something Up,” (renamed “The Aria Thief: Part I”) “Train Flowers” (renamed “Cut to Bloom”

Rattle: “One Good Memory”

The Rumpus: “The Man in the Moon”

Split this Rock: “How Manifestos Are Made”

Track/Four: “Thanksgiving in the Melting Pot” (renamed: “Allegiance”)

Two Hawks: “Story of My Name”

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